Dr. Jeff Engel

Chiropractor, CrossFit Enthusiast, Yogi, Chef, Outdoorsman


After graduating with a Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.) from Northwestern Health Sciences College of Chiropractic, Dr. Jeff Engel brought his passion for health and helping others to Missoula in 2011. Dr. Jeff began his journey at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he received a degree in Athletic Training. During this time Dr. Jeff had the opportunity to work with numerous Division 1 Athletes in Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rowing, Wrestling, and Soccer.

After graduation, Dr. Jeff didn't stop his education. He continues to attend classes and seminars to maintain the latest knowledge on chiropractic, nutrition, weight loss, and optimum performance of the human body. Best of all, he passes this knowledge on to you and utilizes it with patients everyday.

Dr. Jeff takes pride in practicing what he teaches his patients. There is a good chance that you might just run into him at The Good Food Store, Fishing the Clark Fork, or participating in a CrossFit or Yoga Class.

Our Philosophy: Remove. Repair. Restore.

When it comes to health and disease, it is important to understand cause and effect relationships. The majority of healthcare today focuses on the effect or symptoms that a person is facing. This idea is also know as downstream thinking. How does this concept work? Well its quite simple. For example high blood pressure is a symptom many of us are familiar with. A common downstream approach is to use blood pressure medication to treat the symptom. However, what happens if you stop taking the medication? Chances are your blood pressure goes back up. This is the result of treating an effect and not the cause. If the cause of high blood pressure is addressed properly through changing lifestyle factors, you can see a decrease in blood pressure. What I have just described is known as an upstream approach. In other words, if inflammation of the blood vessels is the cause then the downstream effect is high blood pressure. By effectively treating the cause, the effect should resolve.

Remove. Repair. Restore.

Remove- The first step in fixing a problem or cause-effect relationship is to remove the cause. In order to remove the cause, it is important to determine the cause. Using the first three parts of a method known as the STEPs method we can determine the cause of a particular symptom and then apply the specific protocol or treatment approach to remove the cause. Here are just a few causes of common ailments:

Back Pain and Headaches: Spinal Misalignment, Muscle Spasm, Nerve Irritation, and Postural Imbalance.
Weight Gain: Hormone Imbalance, Toxicity, Stress, Inflammation
Fatigue: Stress, Excess Caffeine Intake, Poor Diet, Poor Sleep

Repair- Once the cause of the symptom is removed, the body will begin a repair process. The amount of time required to repair is unique to what the body is attempting to repair. For example, a minor ligament sprain could take 6-8 weeks to heal while a major sprain could take 6 months to over a year. For other conditions such as weight loss, diabetes, and heavy metal detoxification this repair process could take several years. To ensure the best results, requires the best lifestyle practices.

Restore- Restoration of proper function is the goal of any treatment protocol. Once the cause is effectively removed, the body has ample time to repair, then the body will function properly. The result? Improved health, increased energy, ideal body composition, dramatically reduced symptoms.

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