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Detoxification in Missoula MT

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If you currently experience a variety of unexplained symptoms or health challenges, toxins could play a major role on why you don't feel good. Each and every day we are exposed to toxins in our environment, jobs, homes, the food that we eat, and a variety of other sources. Over time these toxins can build up in our body and cause the body to become confused. When our body becomes confused, it makes us very susceptible to disease and symptoms including, fatigue, brain fog, weight loss resistance, headaches, and sensitivity to light, sounds, or smells. Want to know if toxins are currently impacting your health?

Fill out our toxicity questionnaire here.

If we determine that toxins are taking a toll on your body a detoxification program might just be what your body needs to effectively remove these toxins and begin to work properly again.

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“Dr. Jeff listens carefully to my current complaint and addresses it. I always leave feeling better. His staff is friendly and helpful and I am happy to recommend him to family and friends!”


- Vicki, Missoula

“I really appreciate the advice for different stretches and moves to help strengthen areas. Dr. Engel is very personable and the staff is very helpful.”


- Lindsey, Missoula

“Based on my very first visit with Dr. Engel, I knew I found the right place for me. I personally couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Jeff's natural ability and skills to adjust and prevent injury in the body.”


- Rebecca, Missoula

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1001 SW Higgins #102

Missoula, MT 59803